Room CB11.03.206 Building 11

9:00 - 10:30
Chair: Dr. James Zheng, Macquarie University


» Blockchain’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

     Honor by Professor Shiping Chen

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» Improved Particle Swarm Optimization based Workflow Scheduling in Cloud-fog Environment

     Rongbin Xu, Yeguo Wang, Yongliang Cheng, Yuanwei Zhu, Ying Xie and Dong Yuan

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» An Efficient Algorithm for Runtime Minimum Cost Data Storage and Regeneration for Business Process Management in Multiple Clouds

     Junhua Zhang, Dong Yuan, Lizhen Cui and Bing Bing Zhou

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11:00 - 12:30
Chair: Professor Shiping Chen, CSIRO Data61

»  A Lean Architecture for Blockchain Based Decentralized Process Execution

     Christian Sturm, Jonas Szalanczi, Stefan Schönig and Stefan Jablonski

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»  Mining Product Relationships for Recommendation Based on Cloud Service Data

     Yuanchun Jiang, Cuicui Ji, Yang Qian and Yezheng Liu

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»  SmartCrowd: A Workflow Framework for Complex Crowdsourcing Tasks

     Tianhong Xiong, Yang Yu, Maolin Pan and Jing Yang

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