Selected Publications from the Group:


  • Refereed journal articles:

  1. T.L. Zheng, X.  Zheng, Y.Q. Zhang, Yao Deng, Rui Zhang, L. Xiao [2018] SmartVM: a SLA-aware Microservice Deployment Framework. World Wide Web (WWW) Journal. JIF: 1.69.  Q2 (CORE A) accepted
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  3. *Haiming X, Guangyu T,  Guangqian D, Yong Hu,  Hongxu Ch, X.  Zheng, Tom H. Luan (2018) A Hybrid Method Combining Markov Prediction and Fuzzy Classification For Driving Condition Recognition.  IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. in-press, accepted Feb/2018. JIF: 4.17. Q1.
  4. G.Q. Xu, Y. Zhang, A.K. Sangaiah, X.H. Li, A. Castiglione, X. Zheng (2018) CSP-E2: An abuse-free Contract Signing Protocol with low-storage TTP for energy-efficient electronic transaction ecosystems. Journal of Information Science. in-press, accepted Feb/2018. INFORMATION SCIENCES, JIF: 4.81, Q1
  5. *D.J. Yu, Yike Jin, Y.Q. Zhang, X. Zheng (2018)  A Survey on Security Issues in Services Communication of Microservices.  Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. in-press, accepted Jan/2018,  JIF: 1.19.  Q3 (CORE A)
  6. *X. Zheng, C. Julien,  H.X. Chen, R. Podorozhny, f. Cassez (2017)  Real-Time Simulation Support for Runtime Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems.  ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS) 16(4), p.106. JIF: 1.69. Q2 (CORE A)
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  9. *H. Radhappa, L. Pan, X. Zheng, W. Sheng (2017) Practical overview of security issues in wireless sensor network applications.  International Journal of Computers and Applications  pp.1-12.
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  13. * X.Zheng, C. Julien, M. Kim, S. Khurshid (2015) Perceptions on the State of the Art in Verification and Validation in Cyber Physical Systems.  IEEE Systems Journal Volume: 11  Issue: 4.  JIF: 3.15. Q1.


  • Fully refereed conference proceedings

  1. *M. Fu, C.M. Wong, H. Zhu, Y.J. Huang, Y.P. Li, X. Zheng, J. Wu, J. Yang, C.M. Vong, DAliM: Machine Learning Based Intelligent Lucky Money Determination for Large-Scale E-Commerce Businesses, ICSOC 2018, CORE AACCEPTANCE RATE < 15%
  2. *D. Wang, S. Wen, Wanlei Z., X. Zheng (2018) Who Spread to Whom? Inferring Online Social Networks   with User Features.  IEEE International Conference on Communications, Kansas City, MO, USA. in-press, accepted Jan/2018, CORE B
  3. *X. Zheng, Jiao Jiao Jiang, Y.Q. Zhang,  Yao Deng, Min Fu, TianLei Zheng, Liu Xiao (2017)  SmartVM: A Multi-Layer Microservice-Based Platform for Deploying SaaS.  International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications (ISPA),  Guangzhou, China. in-press, accepted Nov/2017, CORE B
  4. *Y.Q. Zhang, M.S. Zhang, X. Zheng, D. E. Perry (2017) Service2vec: A Vector Representation for Web Services.  International Conference on Web Services (ICWS) Honolulu pp. 890-893, Hawaii, USA. CORE A
  5. *B. Bhandari, C. Lu, X. Zheng, S. Rajasegara, C. Karmakar (2017)  Non-Invasive Sensor Based Automated Smoking Activity Detection. International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society pp. 845-848,  Jeju, Korea. CORE A
  6. X.Zheng, A. Bansal, M. Lease (2017)  Bullseye: Structured Passage Retrieval and Document Highlighting for Scholarly Search,  Proc. of Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling p.32  , Geelong, Australia, 2017. CORE B
  7. *V. Pham, X. Liu, X.Zheng,  M. Fu, S. Deshpande, W.D. Xia, M. Abdelrazek (2017)  PaaS – Black or White: An Investigation into Software Development Model for Building Retail Industry SaaS. Proc. of  International Conference on Software Engineering Companion (ICSE-C), Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  8. B. Abkenar, S. W. Loke, X. Zheng, A. Zaslavasky (2017) Service-Mediated On-Road Situation-Awareness for Group Activity Safety. International Workshop on Next Generation Computing (NGCom), In Conjunction with MobiQuitous. Melbourne, Australia.
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  10. *X. Zheng,  Pan, H.X. Chen, R. D. Pietro, L. Batten (2017)  A Testbed for Security Analysis of Modern Vehicle Systems.   International Symposium on Security, Privacy and Trust in Internet of Things, In Conjunction with TrustCom pp. 1090-1095,  Sydney, Australia.
  11. * X.Zheng, L. Pan, E. Yilmaz (2017)  Security Analysis of Modern Mission Critical Android Mobile Applications.  Proc. of Australasian Computing Doctoral Consortium p.2, Geelong, Australia.  Best paper award
  12. *X. Zheng, Pan,  H.X.,  Chen, P.Y. Wang, L. Batten (2016) Investigating security vulnerabilities in modern vehicle systems.  Proc. of International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Information Security pp. 29-40,  Cairns,  Australia.
  13. * X.Zheng, C. Julien (2015) Verification and Validation in Cyber Physical Systems:  Research Challenges and Our Solution.  Proc. of International Workshop on Software Engineering for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (SEsCPS) pp. 15-18, Florence, Italy.
  14. * X.X.Zheng, C. Julien, R. Podorozhny, F. Cassez (2015) BraceAssertion: Runtime Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems.  Proc. of International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS) pp. 298-306, Berlin,  Germany. CORE B
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  17. *X. Zheng, D. Perry, C. Julien (2014) BraceForce: a middleware to enable sensing integration in mobile applications for novice.  of International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MobileSoft) pp. 8-17,  In Conjunction with ICSE,  Hyderabad, India.
  18. M.D. Liu, G.Q. Xu, J. Zhang, R. Shankaran, G. Luo, X. Zheng, Z.H. Zhang, Roundtable Gossip Algorithm: A Novel Sparse Trust Mining Method for Large-scale Recommendation Systems, ICA3PP 2018, CORE B
  19. Xuejun Li, Ruimiao Ding, Xiao Liu, Wenqiang Yan, Jia Xu, Han Gao and Xi Zheng, COMEC: Computation Offloading for Video-based Heart Rate Detection APP in Mobile Edge Computing, IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications (ISPA) – DEMO TRACK 2018, CORE B
  20. J.C. Lu, J.X. Wang, X. Zheng, C. Karmakar, S. Rajasegarar, Detection of smoking events from confounding activities of daily living, Australasian Conference on Health Informatics and Knowledge Management (HIKM) 2019


  • Other publication outputs:

  1. X.Zheng, C.L. Fok, C. Julien, S. Khurshid, M. Kim (2014)  On the state of the art in verification and validation in cyber physical systems. The University of Texas at Austin, The Center for Advanced Research in Software Engineering, Tech. Rep. TR-ARiSE-2014-001, 1485.
  2. X.Zheng, C. Julien, R. Podorozhny, F. Cassez (2014) Braceassertion: Behavior-driven development for cps application. Tech. Report TR-ARiSE-2014-008.
  3. *X. Zheng, D.E. Perry, C. Julien (2013) Braceforce: A middleware enabling novice programmers to integrate sensing in cps applications. Tech. Report TR-ARiSE-2013-003, University of Texas at Austin.
  4. *X. Zheng, C.L. Fok, Julien, S. Khurshid, M. Kim (2013)  Brace: Assertion-driven development of cyber-physical systems applications. Tech. Report TR-ARiSE-2013-001, University of Texas at Austin.


  • Papers under review:

  1. *S. Deep, X. Zheng, L. Hamey, K. Ota, M. Dong, A survey of security and privacy issues in the Internet of Things from the layered context, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and   Experience, 2018 CORE A
  2. *X. Zheng, H. Bootwala, W. Sheng, L. Pan, J.C. Lu, H. X. Chen, Security and Privacy Analysis on Vehicular Ad Hoc Network and its Way Forward, International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, 2018 CORE B
  3. *J.C. Lu, X. Zheng, S. Rajasegara, C. Karmakar, Detecting Alcohol Drinking Behaviour using Non-Intrusive Mechanisms, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 2018 Q1
  4. *C. Zhang, X.P. Wu, J.C. Lu, X. Zheng, Driver Drowsiness Detection using multi-channel SOBI video signals, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2018 Q1